Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar. El port i Mont Calvari

Arenys de Mar. PanorÓmica del Port

Arenys de Mar is one of the principal capitals of Maresme. Not far away from everything. Barcelona is at 45 Km taking the motorway N-II, or highway A-19. As well you can take the train (line c-1). Which goes directly from the station " Plaša Catalunya"

(Barcelona) to Arenys in 50 minutes. Girona is at 65 Km, and Montserrat (sawed mountain) at 1 hour and something more.
The airport from Barcelona is at 58 miles, and the airport of Girona (Costa Brava) at 43 miles.

The Port of Arenys de Mar (during lots of years the only port from all the north cost till Barcelona) is an example of evidence of large traditional history from this Fishing-seamen town.

The rugged coastline that goes from the beach directly into the sea, is the best evidence of the Costa Brava. Fishing and all Industry which is situated around the port, brings in the biggest part of trade fair from Arenys de Mar. It’s the most important port of Maresme, and it has almost all the fishingboats from this region. The selling of the fish (which is daily) is an unique uproar. A big part of this port is only for private use (private boats). Drassanes is an important industry in this port.

The "Riera" (best known as the centre of town) is where all the commercials are, and where every town celebration is taking place. The town market (a functional modernism building made by the architect Ignasi mas) is opened every morning and Friday afternoons (except Sundays) on Saturday morning all commercials go out on the "Riera" to sell. They call it week-market. It’s a different way of buying and selling.

The big town events are on; 9th of July "Sant Zenon", and the 16th of August "Sant Roc". These celebrations are full of enthusiasm that the people of Arenys are able to transmit to visitors. On the 24th of June "Sant Joan" (summer solstice) there is a market of natural products and Catalan home made art. Arenys has it’s own politics, private and state industries. There are several schools, as a lace-waverschool, musicschool…

There is one hotel "Carlos I" but several boarding-houses, or the possibility to link apartments for a good price. "Can Titus" is a rest- cure retreat with more than 200 years of history. Today it’s a modern-cure place with mine-medical water.

Arenys de Mar has a playground called "Lourdes", where you can drink or eat something while the children are playing.

The town church "Santa Maria" has one of the most brilliant barroc walls from all over. Catalunya, made in XVIII by the sculptor Pau Costa. We can find two museums. The museum "MarÚs de la Punta" of lace weaving, and the museum, "Mollfulleda" of minerals.

The churchyard of Arenys is an characteristic example of Mediterranien seamen churchyard. It’s situated high up "Turˇ de la Pietat", which has the most magnificent view all over the town and sea. Salvador Espriu wrote beautiful poetry literature called "Cementiri de Sinera" from this place.

Arenys de Mar. The Riera.

Arenys de Mar. Festes de Sant Zenon

Arenys de Mar. Focs de Sant Zenon

Arenys de Mar. El Cementiri de Sinera


Arenys de Mar. Festes de Sant Zenon



Length 2║ 33’E, Latitude 41║ 34N, Superficial 4.3 MILES
Geographic Situation Arenys de Mar is a capital from Maresme.
It’s next to Canet de Mar (east side) and next to Caldes d’Estrac (westside) and Sant Vicenš de Montalt and next to (north side) Arenys de Munt
Climate: Mediterranien
Fallen rain from year: 600 mm/m2
Poblation : 11827 inhabitant. ( population by law at 1st of may 1996 )
men: 5677, women: 6150, birth during 1995: 98, death during 1995: 103
pyramid of ages: 39% from 0 to 29 years,44% from 30 to 64 years,17% more than 65 years


Arenys de Mar. Festes de Sant Zenon

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